Mess left behind by Charleston students moving out of Eastside apartments irks neighbors

Eastside Move-Out Day Trash (WCIV)

Charleston's Eastside is now bustling with apartments and homes for college students to rent during the year.

Monday was the official "move-out" day for many of them, and the area was littered with trash and forgotten furniture.

"There's a lot of trash on the grounds, and it's making it hard to pick it up," said Anthony Bryant, a garbage collector with the City of Charleston. "It's our job, though, so we're required to pick the stuff up."

Bryant said it took his crew two additional hours to pick up all the unwanted belongings that were piled up along the streets.

It also created a traffic issue downtown.

"What typically could be a 5 minute drive could be 15 minutes," said Wilton Harrison, owner of East Side Soul Food.

Harrison was stuck behind a garbage collector on the East Side and saw a fair amount of trash Monday.

He said he's watched more college students move into the area over years.

"It's changed dramatically," he said.

He doesn't mind the change, but the trash, he said, has to go.

"You see a lot of stuff left on the sides, and on top of that we already deal with a lot of flooding issues so it just ends up being all over the place," Harrison said.

He wished people would have a little more respect for his home instead of simply tossing their junk to the curb.

"You shouldn't just leave trash on the ground, especially with the garbage cans one very corner," he said.

Bryant asked for help, too.

"Put it in the trash can," he said. "That's all you gotta do. Make it easier for us."

College of Charleston will release its housing assignments to all incoming freshmen on August 1.

On August 4, students living in on-campus housing taking summer classes will move out.

August 19 is the official move-in day for all incoming freshmen who will live on-campus.

The College of Charleston partners with the City of Charleston and other organizations every year as part of Operation Move-Out.

According to a release from the College, the program is designed to clear sidewalks of extra debris and household items during the busy move-out period at the end of July.

A College spokesman said it contributes about $2,000 annually in support of this "important effort and makes students aware of pick-up times and guidelines."

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