Dispatch: All of I-526 back open, including the Don Holt Bridge

Ravenel Bridge Ice (SCDOT)

Charleston County dispatch tells us that all of I-526 is back open.

Drivers are now able to drive across the Don Holt Bridge as well.

Wednesday DOT officials said they made I-526 as much a priority as they did the Ravenel Bridge with preparation and ice/salt mitigation efforts.

However, DOT spokesman James Law says when it comes to 526, "for some reason, we (DOT) just lost that one."

Law said Wednesday DOT crews took the same approach to treating 526 as it did the Ravenel, but couldn't get ahead of the ice forming.

Law says DOT crews would continue to place salt and sand on the bridge throughout the night.

For the latest on Charleston area road closures, CLICK HERE.

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