Roper St. Francis opens new clinic for those in need


For people in need, going to the ER is sometimes the only way they can get the health care they need, even if it's not for a medical emergency. Roper St. Francis hopes to change that by opening a new central hub in North Charleston that provides services for those kinds of people.

"We provide transitional care here," said Amanda Biondi, a registered nurse and one of the main drivers for this new facility. “Its taking patients who seek primary heath care in the emergency department, and we take then in, and we seek to address all their primary healthcare needs."

The medical services provided at the new facility are numerous. "We can provide primary care, OBGYN services, social work services, we have a success closet where patients can get clothing and non-perishable food items. We have a mental health counselor for patients who are experiencing anything from depression to substance abuse problems," said Biondi.

Other services provided include clean hot showers and a computer lab to apply for jobs online. People can even shop for clothes donated by Roper St. Francis teammates if they need something nice to wear for a job interview.

Once people are taken care of at the facility, the Roper St. Francis team hopes take care of other needs if people struggle with things like transportation, food insecurity, or paying rent. “Social determinants of health are something that we address," said Renee Linyard-Gary, director of Access Health Services. "Getting them into those social services within the community.... can really help them in the long term.”

Linyard-Gary said the new facility allows her organization to operate and work directly with the Roper St. Francis team when working with people. “We’ll be all in one place. So if I have a question or my team has a question about what the provider needs for that patient or what services have already been done, it’s a step away,” said Linyard-Gary.

The new clinic is located at 5133, Rivers Ave. in North Charleston. It is NOT a walk-in clinic. People must be referred or make an appointment by calling (843)402-2273.

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