SCOTTY'S RIDE: Hanahan teen bikes across country to help people get clean drinking water

Scotty Parker (Facebook/Scotty's Ride for Water)

It's been said one man can change the world. How about one kid who just turned thirteen, uniting people across several states?

"They were sweet and kind and so supportive. I realized people aren't all that bad. I hear people are terrible that everything is terrible, but there are more good people than terrible people," said Scotty Parker, of Hanahan.

Parker traveled thousands of miles this summer to bring help to those in need, and did it without a car. In fact, he's not even old enough to drive.

"I had a sign in my room that says 'You see life differently on a bike' I thought it was cheesy, but goes by a lot slower" said Parker.

Scotty's long, slow bike ride started in Santa Monica, California in June. His journey started years earlier, inspired by a picture taken halfway around the world.

" We live in our bubble, and when I saw that picture, my bubble popped. I knew I had to help those people outside my area," said Parker.

Those people were children. They were drinking dirty water. Scotty was only 7 years old.

"That hurt my heart. Kids like me, who could have been me, were dying because of water," said Parker.

Three years later, Scotty raised $70,000 for Water Mission International when he rode across South Carolina. It was enough to provide two water systems to schools in Honduras.

"The joy the people had on their faces was far better than the joy my sisters have on their faces Christmas morning," said Parker.

Scotty proved to be a kid of his word. Asked in 2014 how he'd follow up his ride across South Carolina, he told ABC News 4, "I guess I'll ride across the country or something."

Scotty and his team spent 8 weeks this summer biking across the U.S., inspiring so many in his path.

"For me humility is something hard. I don’t think of things like that or I'll get really arrogant. I feel like I had an opportunity to inspire that person and I'm honored to be that person who kids look up to." said Parker

His schedule is now busier than ever.

"I would rather ride 100 miles than speak to ten people. Speaking to total strangers scares me, but it's what I've been called to do," said Parker.

He answers every call with a perspective beyond his years.

"We went through two months through heat and hills and that's nothing compared to what these kids go through every day of their life," said Parker.

Providing "living water," with a heart touched by God.

"Love begins when a person feels someone's needs are as important than their own. That's what I'm trying to do," said Parker.

More than 30 thousand dollars has been donated to his cause since his return to the Lowcountry. The grand total has now reached $612,000. That's enough to provide clean water to 10 thousand people.

Every penny raised has gone to Water Mission.

If you would like to learn more about Scotty's ride, check out his Fcebook page, Scotty's Ride for Water.

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