Sen. Paul Campbell smiled during bond hearing, video shows

Senator Paul Campbell in bond court Sunday in Charleston County (Provided)

Video released by Charleston County Government shows Senator Paul Campbell in bond court Sunday morning, smiling at times as those at the hearing spoke.

The video provides a first look to many on the opposite side of the camera. During the hearing, only the judge was able to see the senator, and county officials say they believe the monitor that normally displays suspects in bond court was in “sleep mode.”

Campbell attended the bond court hearing in a green and white, striped Al Cannon Detention Center jumpsuit. He was quiet as he listened to the DUI charges against him and impact statements from those in court.

As the mother of the woman driving the Jeep Campbell’s car struck spoke, he smiled.

“..We could be planning a funeral right now," the woman said as Senator Campbell grinned.

Campbell also smiled as he proclaimed his innocence in a brief interview with ABC News 4 after bonding out of jail.

"Wait until it comes out in court, but I wasn't driving, OK," Campbell said to ABC News 4's Angela Brown.

Campbell, 71, was arrested late Saturday night after a car he was in collided with another on I-26, officials with the South Carolina Highway Patrol report. Troopers say his blood alcohol level registered as a .09.

In addition to being charged with DUI, he’s charged with providing false information to troopers at the scene.

They woman whose Jeep Campbell’s car struck says the senator gave her a business card and asked to move locations. She says she refused.

Representing Sen. Campbell in court is Charleston attorney Andy Savage. The attorney who has worked many high-profile cases said he would be refraining from making comments. However, his office did provide responses to questions on whether or not there's a conflict of interest in his representing Campbell.

Savage serves on the Charleston Aviation Authority board. Campbell is the executive director and CEO of the Charleston Aviation Authority.

"It is not a conflict until a situation presents itself that would make it one," Savage wrote in part. "If I do represent Paul, just as I did in Airport Authority votes regarding the Emanuel Memorial, I would refrain from voting."

Check back with ABC News 4 as we continue to follow this story.

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