VIDEO: Anthony Scott reacts to guilty plea in Slager trial

VIDEO: Anthony Scott reacts to guilty plea in Slager trial

Anthony Scott said he knew from day one that things didn't add up. His brother was shot in the back several times by a North Charleston police officer. Now, he said he and his family can begin the healing process.

"This is not just a victory for my family," Scott said.

He hopes it can be a learning experience for others and a message that "unjust cops will not be tolerated."

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"We need good police officers who stand behind the badge," Scott said. "We need for them to respect us as people."

Among things the Scott family is celebrating is the family's approach to the situation. Anthony Scott said peace and prayer prevailed and justice was served as Michael Slager was handcuffed and taken to the Charleston County detention center.

"We asked for peace... Charleston is not torn up," he said.

Anthony Scott believes Michael Slager should face the maximum penalty, which is life in prison. The date for the former officer's sentencing has not yet been announced.

VIDEO: Michael Slager enters Charleston County jail

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