VIDEO: Vacuuming while on hoover board

hoover boad vacuuming.JPG

This video was sent in to us by viewer Tiffany Jackson of her daughter vacuuming while on a hoover board.

Due to the recent snow storm, classes were cancelled across the Lowcountry leaving children to stay at home.

The mother says her daughter's name is Lakyn Sandstorm and she's only six years old. Lakyn attends Murray Lassaine Elementary on James Island.

While Lakyn was off from school she said she loved making snow angels, sledding with her cousins on the boogie board, and she hopes school is cancelled the rest of the week. He rmother says "Please no!" to school being cancelled the rest of the week.

Bad news for Lakyn, but good news for her mother as school is back in session beginning Wednesday.

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