VIDEO: Mother of Walter Scott thankful for 'Holy City'


The mother of the man shot and killed by a North Charleston Police officer stood before microphones and cameras Tuesday and smiled. She said she was thankful.

Tuesday to Judy Scott was a day of justice, progress and closure. "I thank God for justice," she said.

Judy Scott said the real victory Tuesday was Michael Slager admitting to his role in the death of her son. Slager pleaded guilty to use of excessive force on the day he shot and killed Walter Scott. Afterwards, his mother said she felt "good" about the situation.

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"No matter how many years Michael Slager gets, it will not bring back my son," she said.

An emotional Judy Scott spoke to the nature of Charleston as she thanked those involved in the prosecution of Slager and the investigation.

"This IS a Holy City," she said. "If you have the peace and love of God in the inside, you can be peaceful through it all."

When asked if she would forgive Michael Slager, Judy Scott said, "Yes!"

"I have to forgive him, because I must be forgiven."

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Family members of Walter Scott are hoping to see the maximum sentence for the former police officer, which is life in prison.

Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back several times after a traffic stop and chase in April 2015.

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