VIDEO: Veteran helps others battling addiction, suicidal thoughts

Joe Towles (WCIV)

Joe Towles had a plan to take his life, but his attempt at suicide ended in a way he didn't expect.

"I was going to get my brother's car and Highway 61 has some beautiful trees on the side. I was going to just take my seat belt off, that was it," he said.

It didn't happen.

"I was so messed up I couldn't even do that good. I chickened out. I had my brother's car, I sped up and I pulled off to the side of the road sobbing," he said.

Nine days later, the Air Force veteran said he got the wake up call he needed.

ABC News 4's Tessa Spencer has more on Joe Towles' story in the video above.

Her story is one of several in a one-hour special ABC News 4 dedicated to suicide and mental illness. VIEW HERE

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