Former cop Michael Slager, PBA file oppositions for summary judgment in federal lawsuit

FILE - Michael Slager talks about the shooting with another officer shortly after the fatal shooting of Walter Scott.

Attorneys for Michael Slager and the Southern States Police Benevolent Association filed paperwork Monday opposing a summary judgment.

Attorneys for the two sides had filed motions for summary judgment last month, arguing there was no need to continue on to trial because the opposing sides could not present a reasonable case defending their actions.

The PBA dropped Slager as a client shortly after the cellphone video of the former North Charleston officer shooting Walter Scott in the back surfaced. But Slager argues he paid dues to the PBA with the understanding they would cover any legal costs related to an on-the-job shooting.

The PBA argues Slager lied to SLED investigators and PBA officials, which violated the agreement with the PBA.

According to the filings on Monday, Slager's defense team has a list of eight items they intend to present in court. The PBA's attorneys have a list of 17 items, including the cellphone video that led to Slager's arrest.

Both sides submitted their lists of exhibits to the court and opposing counsel.

A trial date has not been set in Slager's federal breach of contract lawsuit, not has his criminal federal trial date been set. His state murder trial is set to begin Oct. 31.

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