Walter Scott's family says true healing can begin after Michael Slager's guilty plea


It’s been a long two years for the family of Walter Scott.

After their loved one's killer, Michael Slager, pleaded guilty Tuesday to use of excessive force, Scott's family says their faith in the justice system has been restored, and now true healing can begin.

Scott’s brother, Anthony, and his mother, Judy, say Slager’s admission of guilt were the words they’ve been waiting to hear.

“My brother was violated, he was gunned down running away and this gentleman continued to stick to that story but today he told the truth,” Anthony Scott said.

“What made me feel good about it was Michael Slager admitted what he did,” said Judy Scott. “That was enough for me because no matter how many years, it will not bring back my son.”

Following Tuesday’s hearing, the family stood with activists and their legal team, which they said have now become more like family.

Ninth circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said she’s touched by their grace.

“I was in the Scott living room last night as I’ve been many times. We chatted and then the tears started. I thought she (Judy) was tearful about the killing but she looked at me and said ‘Michael Slager has a family too and he has a son,’” Wilson said, “That compassion that she has shown has really meant the world to all of us in Charleston and North Charleston and this community.”

Through their faith, there’s now forgiveness.

“Yes I do because the forgiver lives in me,” Judy Scott said when asked if she forgives Slager. “Yes, I have to forgive him because I must be forgiven.”

“I hope he’s looking down and saying good job, job well done, appreciate you standing in there for me brother and family, y’all stuck it through,” Anthony Scott said.

He believes Slager should face the maximum penalty, which is life in prison.

The date for the former officer’s sentencing has not yet been announced.

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