Athlete of the Week: Roderick McCray

St. STEPHEN, S.C. (WCIV) -- With Timberland High's tradition, losing is never acceptable.

When the Wolves lost their first game of the year to Berkeley, Art Craig knew it was time for a change and he went with his gut. Craig moved his starting running back, Roderick McCray, to quarterback and the rest is history.

In the Wolves' biggest game of the season so far, last Friday against Lee Central, McCray led Timberland to a 40-0 win.

"Teammates and I had a goal to win the region again. Everyone said Lee Central this or Lee Central that.{} We worked hard in practice, showed out and had fun," said the senior QB McCray.{}

"He's the kind of kid, senior-wise you need out there when things get hairy on Friday nights," Craig said.

Life has certainly prepared Roderick well for the pressures of being Timberland High's starting QB.{}

"It's nothing to worry about compared to my mom.{} Growing up with my mom always being sick, taking care of her and my grandma dying this time last year after being sick," McCray said.{}

Responsibility on Roderick's shoulders on the field, and off of it.{}

"She has asthma real bad, she has asthma attacks and I have to call 911 and keep her calm when growing up.{} I got used to it so I want to be able to help somebody," he said.{}

His mom is now here to see him play because of his maturity and responsibility.{}

"She means everything to me,"McCray said.{}

He means everything to her, and to his Timberland High team.

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