Athlete of the Week: Goose Creek's Dantez Bennamon

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - He's a two-sport star with a fewdecisions to make. Goose Creek's Dantez Bennamon is honing in on his future,choosing a college and a sport -- it's a lot of work for this Athlete of theWeek.

At Goose Creek, Bennamon is the poster child for athleticand academic success.

"He brings a lot to this school; I don't think it's justthis team. He's been a great representative in the community, how he carrieshimself on and off the court, on and off the field, and he's been an excellentstudent-athlete. He solidifies what that word means in every way shape and form,"said Goose Creek head coach Blake Hall.

Bennamon was a quarterback in the fall, leading the Gatorsto the Lower State semifinals. Now he's a point guard, guiding a different setof Gators to a 22-2 start.

"It's like - up tempo. I like to play fast. Just get up anddown the court. Just pressure people on both ends and always attack on bothends of the court," Bennamon said.

At Goose Creek for the Gators, Bennamon has been a star onthe gridiron and the court, but when it came time to choose a college, he sayshe also had to choose a sport. He says for now, that sport is basketball.

"I knew both would be kind of hard to do, I decided to playbasketball. It's what I played first, it's my first love. I mean football, Ienjoyed my time playing football and everything and I'll miss it, but it's timefor me to focus on basketball now," he said.

"What you get out is what you put in is what you get out ofthings. He's worked hard on the field, in the weight room, on the court and inthe classroom, and that's why he has a 4.0 GPA," said Hall.

Bennamon is on the court now and planning to stay there forthe next four years, which should help narrow down his options for the future.

"I think each sport kind of thought he'd go with the othersport so it's hurt his recruitment, but whatever school offers him ascholarship and a handful of schools have, that school will get an excellentrepresentative of their university," Hall said.

No matter what direction he chooses, Bennamon is definitelyan Athlete of the Week. {}

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