Athlete of the Week: Wando's Andrew Glover

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - One family, one school, andthree kids in three different sports. And now it's possible all three could beplaying at Division I.

Wando Warrior greatness runs in the family for the Glovers,as does Division I talent.

First there's Christina, a Gatorade Player of the Year, thetop honor in the state, who also played four years as a Gamecock.

Then there was Alex, a tight end for The Citadel.

And now there's Andrew who is fitting like a glove in thefamily cycle, hoping to become the third Glover in a third sport to earn aDivision I scholarship.

"It all reflects on my parents. They've been pushing ussince day one. I love them to death. They're the reason we're so good-soblessed to do what we do," he said.

"He's one of those kids involved at school. Everybody likeshim. He's very involved, the leader of the Chop House in football season, andthat support carries over to basketball," said Wando head coach David Eaton.

With all he brings to Wando, Andrew Glover still might notbe the most popular Glover at the school. He's not yet a hall of famer.

"Every day I see her and I yell her name from across thehallway. I'm probably 100 yards away. I always run up to her and give her a bighug," Andrew Glover said of his mom.

She's in the school's hall of fame as a coach with 792 winsand counting.

"It's great. If I ever need anything signed, or money, orneed food, she's right there for me. She's my number one fan," he said.

But Division I is the number of Andrew. The pressure ismounting for him to follow in his siblings' footsteps. As time runs out on hisown high school career, he's eyeing those schools.

"I'd like to play D1. I'm playing the waiting game rightnow. I can't tell you any schools, because there aren't any right now," AndrewGlover said. "We've had a really good season so far. A really good season as ateam. Hopefully someone will recognize that and come calling."

His coach agrees.

"He can get his shot off whenever he wants. He has the workethic to play college basketball somewhere and he will," said Eaton.

And Glover is definitely Athlete of the Week material.{}

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