High School Hero: Academic Magnet's Tyre Moore

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - This week's High School Heromight go over most people's heads. That's the level Academic Magnet senior TyreMoore is on - both on and off the court.

In the story of his senior year, Tuesday's chapter certainlysticks out for Moore. Another night on the hardwood means another 38 points anda win over undefeated Battery Creek.

"I've played varsity ball for four years, and had some bigimprovements from sophomore to junior year and junior to senior years. Dribbling,ball handling, shooting is my strength since I'm little," Moore said.

But that's not the test he'll remember, because most highschool seniors don't worry about defending a 50-page thesis they've spent ayear preparing before the game.

"I spent time on shooting foul shots based on learning stylesof the Myers Briggs test. It was very interesting, a big relief to get througha year's worth of work. I hope to get it published. That would be big for me inlife," he said.

Moore is a cross between Bill Walton and Bill Nye. He knowsthe result of hard work off the court and success on it.

"I worked hard with Coach Kelly and spent my summer atcamps. I gave kids the Myers Briggs test, collected the results, and find kidsand how they shoot, and the best coaching methods for them," Moore said.

The simple answer is that he shoots and scores. He earned a98 on his thesis, and landed a scholarship as well for his success in thelaboratory of exercise science - the basketball court.

"A few more Ivy League schools looked at me, a few SoConschools, but ultimately I chose Mercer because of the academics, the campus andthe coaches were there. I felt I fit into the offense of what they try to do,"Moore said.

This High School Hero is sure to find success well off thecharts no matter the route he takes.

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