Gamecocks coach Frank Martin says opening the season at Wofford is the 'right decision'

Gamecocks basketball coach Frank Martin speaks about the season opener with Wofford during his weekly press conference.

Scotch. That's what we learned about Frank Martin Wednesday. The Gamecocks men's basketball coach joked he hasn't had a drink in about 11 years and said he's been struggling the past few days.

Why the struggle? The team will open the regular season against a coach Martin says he supports. While he described opening the season at Wofford as the right thing to do and the right thing for college basketball in the state of South Carolina, he said he's questioned the decision at times.

"It would be pretty selfish on my part, if I didn't sign up to do this to show our state and show the country just what a real good basketball coach Mike Young is," Martin said. "I can't lie to you. It sounded like a good idea a year ago."

Martin believes the game against Wofford on Friday will be a challenge for his young team. He described the Terriers as a "good basketball team."

"All those things make us better," Martin said.

During the weekly press conference, Martin also addressed local media coverage, his excitement over the team and the growth needed as the team moves forward. Martin said he used exhibition games against Virginia Tech and Erskine to learn more about his team. VIEW FULL NEWS CONFERENCE

"I utilized the two exhibition games as an opportunity to just throw a bunch of freshmen out there," Martin said after first sharing criticism of local news headlines and story angles he argued did not speak to his attempts to get his younger players time on the court.

Martin said he believes his young players responded the right way in those games. The Gamecocks have five freshmen and five sophomores on the team this year.

"I could have nine seniors , and I'd have concerns going into the season. That doesn't change the optimism that I have for our team."

South Carolina was defeated 86-67 by Virginia Tech Sunday and defeated Erskine 85-44 on October 30.

Friday's game against Wofford is scheduled for 7 p.m. You can watch on ESPN3.

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