Parents say Clemson's Hunter Renfrow is running his best route off the field

Renfrow family before National Championship game. (Photo Credit: Suzanne Renfrow)

From WPDE All Zoner and Socastee High School star to Twitter sensation and the cover of Sports Illustrated, redshirt sophomore Hunter Renfrow has already etched his name in Clemson and college football history.

Hunter's father Tim Renfrow, a football coach turned athletic director says he had seen the play-call that iced the game away for Clemson before

On the biggest stage, the Clemson offense and Renfrow ran it to perfection, and as they say, the rest is history.

Just two days after the National Championship win, the Renfrows sat down with ABC 15 News.

"I don' know that it's sunk in,” said Hunter's father Tim Renfrow. “Perry Tuttle is a good friend of ours, and he was on the '81 National Championship, and that really hadn't hit, but that's something that people will be looking at for a long time and 20 years from now people will look back and Hunter's picture will be on there, so that's special.”

Hunter had the option of a full ride scholarship to a smaller school or taking his chance as a walk-on at Clemson. His parents let him make the choice.

"He likes a challenge, and I think it was a dream of his to be able to play a level where he was going to really be challenged, and I think he just really wanted to see if he could play with those boys," said Suzanne Renfrow, Hunter's mother.

Play he did, en route to becoming the all-time leader of touchdown catches in College Football Playoffs history and the cover of the January 16 edition of Sports Illustrated.

“My stance is always, you know honey have fun like you're in the backyard," his mother said. "I know it's a bigger stage, I know there's pressure, but I think that's just the fun of playing ball."

With many of Hunter's teammates at Clemson leaving for the NFL draft, the slot receiver will be leaned on even more next year.

"I think that will be something he looks forward to over these next few months, the way those guys did it for a couple of years, and now he's got the opportunity to be a leader and bring these guys along,” Tim said. “I think he loves the thought of pulling these guys together and making another run."

As a guidance counselor and mother of five, Suzanne Renfrow says her son is running his best route off the field.

"Him being the best person, young man he can be is far more important than him being a great athlete, so that's what I want people and young boys to know," she said.

As was the case most of the night Monday, Hunter will have his hands full. His parents say he got a golden retriever puppy two days after the big game.

He named it Deuce because this was the second time the Tigers made it to the title game, and this time, it turned out golden.

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