NFL's Robert Quinn explains why he protests during National Anthem

Robert Quinn (Miami Dolphins)

Miami Dolphins' defensive end Robert Quinn said Wednesday the reason he protests during the playing of the national anthem at NFL games is to "get rid of all the ignorance."

Quinn, a Fort Dorchester High School product, made headlines in 2017 for raising his fist to protest social injustice during the Star Spangled Banner while he was with the Los Angeles Rams.

Asked about the gesture Wednesday, Quinn told reporters his motivation is partly to bring attention to "the way America was built, and the way people talk

“The President said we should build a wall to keep Mexicans out,” Quinn said. "And this country was built off — and they killed Indians — and it was built off the backs of blacks. And yet, y’all tell us to keep quiet. So at the end of the day, let’s confront the situation and lets bring humanity and friendship. And lets get rid of all the ignorance. And lets face it head on, look at each other as humans.”

Go here to read the full story and more of Quinn's comments.

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