Preparing to 'get over it' — A peek inside the Cooper River Bridge Run Expo

A peek inside the Cooper River Bridge Run Expo. (WCIV)

Friday is the last day to pick up registration packets for the 41st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run.

On Thursday, thousands of people visited the expo ahead of the race.

Adrienne Middleton, who will run her 16th consecutive Cooper River Bridge Run race this year, said today, “The people, oh I love the people. I’ve met people from all over the world.””

Middleton says she’s excited to still be able to run at her age, “I’m around the corner from 65!”

More than 28,000 people will walk through the expo before the race on Saturday.

The expo has everything participant might need—clothing, shoes, sunglasses and accessories.

Volunteers help the process run smoothly.

“If you don’t have the volunteers, it’s not gonna work. It’s all about being able to give back what they give to you. That’s why we volunteer,” Edwiena Thomas said.

For those heading to the booths tomorrow, volunteer Mary Cobbs is ready to hand out T-shirts and packets for registered participants.

People have traveled from near and far to cross the Ravenel Bridge. Warm temperatures greeted Carter Speranza from Buffalo, New York. He’s eager for his first race, “I want to beat my parents!” he said.

The expo reopens Friday morning at 8 a.m. at the North Charleston Coliseum.

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