Races in the Lowcountry can benefit your health

Races in the Lowcountry can benefit your health

I challenge you to sign up NOW…

There are so many great ways to get up and be active here in Charleston! The surrounding areas have hundreds of walks, runs, and races throughout the year. They vary in ability levels, different terrain, some competitive, some family oriented, and many set up for all ages and ability levels.

Marathon runner, or never run a mile before, the exciting thing is both of you can participate in the same race and run it at your own pace. Walking and running are great ways to keep your body mobile, strengthen not only your body, but your heart, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular endurance (the ability for the body to move oxygen into your tissues), and in addition to exercising your body release endorphins which then lift your mood!

A good majority of the races in and around the Charleston area are either a 5K (3.1 miles), or 10K (6.2 miles), you will also see half marathons (13.1 miles) and marathons (26.2 miles). These races are perfect for anyone who is already a runner, or someone who is willing to put in the practice to be able to run/walk those distances. Having trained multiple individuals and groups to run an array of races over the past five years here in Charleston, I would recommend starting out with a PLAN.

* First, decide what distance you are wanting to run.

* Second, find a race that matches the distance you are looking for.

* Third, sit down to figure out approximately how many weeks it will take you to train for that distance.



If you are able to run 1 mile, and you sign up for a 5K (3.1 miles) give yourself some time to train for it –

Week 1 Distance – 1 Mile Distance 3x (meaning run 1 mile 3X throughout the week)

Week 2 Distance – 1.5 Miles Distance 3x

Week 3 Distance – 2 Miles Distance 2x / 1x Cross Training

Week 4 Distance – 2.5 Miles Distance 2x / 2x Cross Training

Week 5 Distance – 3 Miles Distance 2x / 1x Cross Training

Week 6 Distance – Taper Week 1.5 Mile Run / 1 Mile Walk 2x



All distances are suggested and meant as a walk:run ratio until you are able to successfully run the distance.

A PLAN like this would be for a beginner who is going to train 3-4 days a week and is starting from just walking:running 1 mile. I set their plan to increase .5 miles per week, this got them to 3 miles in 5 weeks, and then an easy training week for the week of the race!

Once you have a clear plan in place, it is time to EXECUTE the plan. I would even suggest marking the distances, which days you will do what, and cross them off as you go on a calendar!



WEEK 1: 1 mile on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

WEEK 2: 1.5 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

WEEK 3: 2 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (crosstraining on Thursday).


For the people who are new to the racing world, make sure that you sign up for a race as soon as you have selected one, or as soon as registration begins! Most races increase price over time as it nears race day! The prices listed below are the current prices, but most do rise with time!

Here are just a few of the upcoming races around the area! Listed are the name of the race, date, distance, location, and the price for registration (as of 9/16/17)! Keep in mind there are many more races in the area you can find!

Isle of Palms Connector Run: October 7th -- 5K/10K -- Isle of Palms Connector -- $40.00

Komen Lowcountry Race for the Cure: October 21st -- 5K/1Mile -- Daniel Island -- $35.00

James Island Connector Run: October 28th -- 5K/10K Cannon Park -- Charleston -- $35.00

Race 13.1: October 28th -- 5K/10K/Half Marathon -- Middleton Gardens -- $35.00/$45.00/$85.00

Charleston Prostate Cancer 5K: October 28th -- 5K Hanahan -- $20.00

Summerville Sweet Tea Run: November 11th -- 10K/Half Marathon -- Summerville -- $40.00/$75.00

The Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble: November 23rd -- 5K -- Charleston $30.00

Reindeer Run: December 2nd -- 5K Charleston -- $35.00

Kiawah Marathon and Half Marathon: December 9th -- Half Marathon/Marathon -- Kiawah Island -- $105.00-$125.00


Two different options for this weeks #Kellyscharlestonchallenge! I know sometimes it’s hard to think about paying to run, but some of these are great because the money is donated to great causes. If you are able to and have the funds, I challenge you to sign up for a race this week. Have you always wanted to run a half marathon? What about your first 5K? Even if the race is 9 months away, I challenge you to sign up NOW. Signing up now commits you to doing the race, you can’t back out because you have already paid and dedicated yourself to be a runner.

The second option is if you are not comfortable with paying for a race, then I challenge you to find a group of friends, or a running group who you can train with. Tell them your goal is to run a 5K in 2 months (just an example). You all can train and stay accountable to each other. Then decide a fun path/trail/road to run and concur your goal!

Let me know what race you have signed up for!! Mine will probably be the James Island Connector 10K, and the Turkey Day 5K! Post your registration on your social media and tag #Kellyscharlestonchallenge or shoot me an email with your new goal. If you have any questions, need recommendations on races, or training schedules you know how to contact me!

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