Lowcountry pastor has devoted life to 'Feed The Multitudes'


How many people did you serve at your Thanksgiving Day feast? Five? Ten? Now imagine feeding your neighbors. Yes, all of them, even the ones you don’t like.

Imagine feeding your community. All of them, even the ones you don’t know. Imagine doing it every week for the past 14 years.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are honored to award this month’s Jefferson Award to a man who feeds the multitudes.

In the back of an alteration shop, in between a stitch and a prayer, is a modern day parable.

“The more we give... the more the LORD gives to us. HE gives right back to me, and I give right back the community,” said Dr. Levi Wright.

Dr. Wright has been called to serve. He first started preaching 40 years ago.

“I didn’t feel like I was doing a complete job of the multitudes by preaching to them -- knowing they were members of the community and maybe my congregation that still had physical hunger needs," Dr. Wright said.

Right on time and not a minute late, Dr. Wright rolled in to the Lowcountry Food Bank.

“From the beginning, we started with 600 pounds of food. Every time I go to the food bank on Wednesdays, I fill my cargo truck with 2,000 to 6,000 pounds of food,” Dr. Wright said.

Following him on his mission is the noise of an engine that has seen better days, but that’s the only whining to be heard. He's always had just enough.

“Didn’t have funds to pay for that truck. We prayed, and the good LORD said you have plastic money in your pocket, use your credit cards,” said Dr. Wright.

It was a small price to pay for a man on a mission.

“If you have never been hungry, you don’t know what being hungry is like. We won’t turn anyone away. If we give food away three times a month, we give it to them three times a month,” said Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright wrapped up his morning at Walmart where he was provided another blessing. Walmart donated 200 turkeys.

"GOD has been doing this the whole course. He would give you double for your trouble. Just a blessing, just flabbergasted. I wasn’t expecting that,” Dr. Wright said.

Dr. Wright is never short of food and never short of helping hands.

"The joy in the midst of the poverty is the families who are able to help me do what I do. They come without me begging them. I don’t even beg the volunteers on the given day we distribute the food. They constantly call me to ask what are we doing this week, we are ready to pack and distribute,” said Dr. Wright.

Four days before Thanksgiving, a crowd lined one of the Lowcountry’s busiest roads. A pastor prayed, and a great need was met.

“This is the great commission. He said, 'Go into the utmost part of the world, feed the people when they need to be fed, visit them when they are sick, embrace them when they need to be embraced. This is the way we give back.'"

Dr. Levi Wright has laid his hand on an entire community. His heart is full and so is his calendar. The eye of his needle is threaded with a technicolor of goodness.

Dr. Wright does not take a salary. His non-profit Feed The Multitudes runs solely on donations.


ABC News 4 has committed to profile people in the Lowcountry who go above and beyond by giving their time and talents to help the people around them. It's all part of our partnership with the Jefferson Awards, a national organization dedicated to recognizing and celebrating those who serve and lead.

If you would like to share someone's story of volunteerism who needs to be recognized, click here.

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