Message in the music for this couple is ‘just good enough’ to share

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How does a person know when they’ve made it, that they’re doing exactly what they were meant to do? For a Berkeley County husband and wife, it’s when they decided to be “Just Good Enough.”

But what they define as just good enough is really much better. It’s pitch perfect, and makes them winners of this month’s Jefferson Award.

On one particular day this week, Dan and Isabelle were tucked away in a small corner of the South Berkeley Senior Center. They were there to sing and heal what may be broken.

“Sometimes you don’t have a lot to smile about and laugh about. It warms me up, warms my wife up, just to know we can touch these people and bring them a great message,” Dan Oswald said.

Dan is the founding member and leader of the band Just Good Enough. His wife tells the stories, and together they provide just the right tone.

“It doesn’t consume up, but it does consume us. We want to come and we like forward to going, just to be able to give back to the people,” Isabelle Oswald said.

For an hour this week, the Oswalds played, mixing patriotic songs with spiritual hymns.

“We don’t hit them heavy with the message, the Christian message, but we speak the gospel and salvation in music and stories. It gets through, but we don’t use a hammer,” Dan Oswald said.

The tour schedule is packed.

They will visit a dozen facilities on a regular basis once or twice a week, and there are ten churches who have the Oswalds on speed dial.

“Some of these people in these homes, they don’t have relatives. We are their family and that’s pretty special,” Dan Oswald said.

The Oswalds are graced with a merry band of musical volunteers. They provide harmony where there is discord, light where there is darkness.

“Unbelievable, miracles, miracles really. Attendants tell us they haven’t talked in months, and here they are requesting songs,” said Dan Oswald.

"We've just fallen in love with the ministry," said Isabelle Oswald.

As for the name of the group, it came about more than 20 years ago. After their first two rehearsals, Dan says he looked at the band and said, “It’s time to play in front of people – we are just good enough.”

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