Protector of animals finds home at Hollywood sanctuary

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It’s a little slice of heaven right here on earth. 200 abused, neglected and unwanted dogs and cats, treated like royalty.

It’s right down the road in Hollywood, South Carolina. And it’s also where we found this month’s Jefferson Award winner.

She's a volunteer who spends more than 50 hours a week walking and talking with the animals.

It is front porch living at its finest, where everyone is greeted with a grateful bark. Even the wind can't quiet the call of the wild.

“We are spoiled because we have ability to give them a forever home. Once inside the gate they are promised a home for rest of their life if they need it,” said Jennifer Middleton, the executive director of Hallie Hill Sanctuary.

Welcome to Hallie Hill, a no-kill sanctuary home to 150 sun-splashed dogs and 50 acres of unconditional love.

"If we can’t get them in a home, we spoil them to death here and that's what staff and volunteers are about because we have ill animals here," said Middleton.

Leading the pack of volunteers is Dana Treadway-Clark.

"I kind of like the underdogs. We will go meet Herbert. He has an old funky walk, warts all over him., a pit bull so lots of strikes against him. But he loves me and I love him," said Treadway-Clark.

She's this month’s Jefferson Award winner.

“It’s so rewarding especially when a shy dog won’t come to you for the longest time, then comes up and wants to be your friend. That’s really great,” said Treadway-Clark.

Dana has the touch and the commitment. She’s focused on these animals six days a week.

"I was in a high stress job for all those years, and I came here, people are wonderful, animals are wonderful and you can tell you've done something at the end of the day. You feel good about it. You don’t thinkg tomorrow is going to be a terrible day because tomorrow is going to be a good day," said Treadway-Clark.

Dana not only spends her time in the dog houses, but she also takes care of the cats in the kitty kennels -- a cat whisperer to the 50 felines living the good life.

“Dana is a dynamo. There is nothing she won’t do. If there’s a hole to fill in she'll fill it. If she sees an injured animal on the way in, she'll bring it in. She’s not scared to get dirty. That’s what I admire about her the most, “ said Middleton.

These animals have a forever home at Hallie Hill. If there's an itch, it will get scratched. A game of tug of war is never out of the question.

It is a 24/7 hands on operation and beyond a shadow of a doubt, Dana is more than man’s best friend.

" The way they do things here is unbelievable and I love it," said Treadway-Clark.

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, check out

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