Pay it Forward: Eleanor Johnson

Pay it Forward: Eleanor Johnson

Her children say Eleanor Johnson can be described as a humble giver, volunteer, and provider.

"My mom really is a very hard working and deserving individual," said Lashon Robinson. "She's very selfless and she always puts her needs of others before herself so I think this award is awesome and perfect for her."

Eleanor's kids, Lashon and Jonah, wrote in saying she was very deserving of this for the time that she volunteers.

They said she not only visits people in the hospital, but she's made sacrifices along the way for them to make sure that they have what they need as well.

"I don't expect nothing in return," Eleanor said. "I'm a single parent. I got one through college, one through high school, that's a big achievement for me and I do what I do from the heart. I don't want nothing in return. And I just love my kids. They are my pride and joy."

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