Pay It Forward: Emma Creed

Pay It Forward: Emma Creed

We visited Westview Middle School to Pay It Forward to a student, who at just 13, seems to be making it her life mission to give back.

Emma Creed is not your ordinary 13 year old. She certainly left an impression with Ms.Connie who nominated her young friend for this recognition.

"I was impressed by her fierce competitiveness and her humble heart," said Ms.Connie. "At every junction, she seems to be involved in a community service project. I just think that in today's youth, that's so impressive."

And Emma's giving spirit is something every parent should be proud of. Her mother Christina recalls when she first noticed her daughter wasn't like most kids her age.

"She had a very close relationship with her great grandfather who's a veteran, which is where that soft spot come," she said. "She likes helping people in need and we definitely believe service is a great characteristic."

We surprised Emma during her lunch period in Westview's cafeteria where she thought she was just going to be featured in her school's yearbook.

She was surprised but she already has an idea on how to Pay It Forward

"I'm definitely going to put it towards more of my causes probably towards my Seasons Greetings for Smiles campaign which is where I collect Christmas cards for kids who are not going to be home with their families, who are gonna be in the hospitals for Christmas other than with their families," she said. "So I'll probably put it towards that."

Emma Creed - daughter, student, volunteer. Simply put, a shining light in her community and a positive example to her peers.

To nominate someone to Pay It Forward, go to our submission page here.

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