Pay it Forward: Lisa Hopson

Pay it Forward: Lisa Hopson

Lisa Hopson is known to generations of students at Ladson Elementary.

She's also the driving force behind the school's Lego Robotics team.

Often times she uses her own money to help fund the team's trip to state competition each year but this year, she's getting some extra help!

Hopson was this week's Pay it Forward recipient and was rewarded a $500 Visa gift card for the impact she has on her students.

"They will make good use of this in Myrtle Beach," she said.

She's guiding a new generation of students and making an impact on former students who come back just to say hello.

"I just love the kids," Lisa said. "I have been at Ladson for 17 years and I've always been involved with the kids.My children went to school here and that's how I

got involved with them and I've just stayed. And I love them. We spend a lot of time together and I think we have a good time."

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