Pay it Forward: Robin Marion

This week's Pay It Forward recipient is not only a mother, but somehow in her busy schedule she finds time to work, feed the homeless, and volunteer with several Lowcountry charities.

Robin Marion donates her time to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, JDRF, and other non-profits but she says she doesn't do it for thanks.

"It's not because of the blessing," she said. "It's because of the feeling you get after you do it."

And she's been a blessing to many, even if it's not what most would consider the most popular thing to do.

"We had a homeless guy that was in front of the restaurant," she recalled. "And me and my kids took the time to put money out of our pockets and give him something to eat."

Another $500 Visa Gift Card has made its way to someone that's making a difference in her community one good deed at a time

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