Pay it Forward: Sunshine Browder

Pay it Forward: Sunshine Browder

There's more to this Goose Creek hair salon than blow drying, curling, and styling.

Inside, they have a little sunshine - Hair Stylist Sunshine Browder that is.

She has worked tirelessly to make sure kids who suffer from low self esteem, or may have been bullied, see their beauty inside and out.

Staci Jobe says she knows this all to well.

"As a mom we put ourselves on the back burner and I really kinda needed that boost for myself and so she offered and in the process I made a really wonderful friend," said Staci. "I couldn't think of anybody more deserving than her."

Sunshine is a hometown girl who just wants to help people feel good about themselves.

She said she is going to use her $500 gift card to continue to try to change lives and attitudes with a 'Pay What You Can' promotion on January 23rd.

"I just really want to reach as many people as I can," she said. "Show them what they have inside of them that I'm sure everyone around them sees. And I just want them to walk around and feel it. That's all I'm trying to do."

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