Chris NestmanMeteorologist

Connect With Chris Nestman

Chris is excited to be in the beautiful, warm state of South Carolina and says this may be one of the prettiest places he’s ever lived in. That’s saying something coming from him, considering he’s lived in several places in California and Utah, as well as in Alaska, Tennessee, the Czech Republic, and most recently Idaho.

Chris started his career as a weather forecaster/multi-media reporter in Idaho Falls, ID after completing a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. While in Idaho, he reported on a variety of stories and weather situations including blizzards, snow storms, wind/dust storms, flooding, large western wildfires, and even a few tornado warned storms.

Since joining ABC News 4, Chris has become a certified meteorologist, and has been a crucial member of WCIV's First Warning Weather team during several major weather events, including Hurricane Irma in 2017, and a snowstorm, Hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018.

In addition to loving the surprises, unknowns, and phenomenon’s of weather, Chris loves to explore. It’s normal for him to just hop in his car on a day off and just drive, sometimes for hours to places he’s never been. This love of exploring feeds into his other hobbies including hiking, swimming, running, astronomy, and cars (you have to get there somehow).

When he’s not exploring, Chris loves to spend time with his family and a cute gal that for some reason said yes to a marriage proposal. Lucky for Chris her decision hasn’t changed, and he and his fiancĂ© plan to get married this upcoming June. They’re excited to start their new family together here in Charleston.

You can catch Chris doing the weather on the weekends, and filling in for weather or reporting during the weekdays.