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A satellite captured this geocolor image of Hurricane Irma passing the eastern end of Cuba at about 8:00 am (eastern) on September 8, 2017. According to the latest information from NOAA's National Hurricane Center, Irma is located about 270 miles east of Caibarien, Cuba, and moving toward the west-northwest near 14 miles per hour. Forecasters say the eye of Irma should move near the north coast of Cuba and the central Bahamas today and Saturday (9/9), and be near the Florida Keys and the southern Florida. (NOAA)

While most of the Lowcountry is no longer in the direct impact cone for Hurricane Irma, that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet. If you're still nervous about potential power outages or flooding, there are some things you can do last minute that are easy and could make things a bit easier.

  • Gallon freezer bags filled with tap water
    Having available water on hand is key to any storm survival kit. While bottled water may have been difficult to come by during the pre-storm rush, gallon sized plastic bags typically aren't on people's list. Filling several of these bags with water and then sticking them in the freezer is an easy way to have drinkable clean water available. All that ice also helps to keep your freezer chilled longer, which will help keep your food cold longer if the power goes out.


  • Filling the tub
    This is a simple one that's easy to do and can provide gallons of water for cleaning, flushing, bathing, etc. It can be used in a pinch for drinking, just make sure the tub is cleaned prior to filling, and the water is purified before drinking.

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  • Knowing your food is safe
    If you plan to leave town but don't want to throw away your freezer food, a penny, plastic cup, and water are all you need. Several hours before you leave, fill a plastic cup (not glass) with water and stick it in the freezer. Once water in the cup is frozen, stick a penny on top of it and leave in the freezer. When you come back, if the penny is still on top of the ice, your freezer stayed cold and your food is probably safe. If the penny is at the bottom of the cup, then you know the power went out long enough for your food to thaw, even if power came back on and everything refroze.
  • Keeping your phone charged
    Staying in the know is key during a storm. Smart phones make that a pretty easy task, unless the battery's dead. Simple ideas such as turning off apps, using low power mode, or even turning off your data when you don't need it can make a big difference in your battery life.

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