Hurricane Harvey means gas prices are on the rise for Labor Day weekend

Hurricane Harvey affecting gas prices (WCIV)

Labor Day weekend is typically marks the end of the summer travel season. Millions of Americans make the most of the warm weather and the three day weekend to take one last summer vacation. What Americans won't like about this year, higher gas prices. With the bulk of Tropical Storm Harvey's destruction in the heart of America's oil and refinery country, gas prices are taking a hit.

“It’s not going to be a surprise if the prices you saw today are a lot different than what you see tomorrow," said Tiffany Wright with AAA.

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The Associated Press reports that multiple refineries are down, and the all important colonial pipeline is not operating. The colonial pipeline delivers nearly 40% of the fuel used in the southeast. That means prices that have already jumped could go higher.

“So in a week’s time, South Carolina’s statewide average has gone up 20 cents. It’s gone up 8 cents overnight." said Wright.

According to GasBuddy on August 31, the average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in South Carolina was $2.32. That's the 11th lowest in the nation, but there's room for it to continue to climb.

Wright says consumers can still save money by shopping around. "Gas prices are all over the place," said Wright. "One station down the street could be 20 cents cheaper than one right next to you so it pays to shop around."

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