2 tall cranes at MUSC secured before Hurricane Irma arrives

One of the largest construction sites on the peninsula is at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital, and supervisors say hundreds of workers are busy getting the site ready in case of Hurricane Irma.

"We've got Roper Hospital next door. We've got the VA down the street. So we think we're in a pretty sensitive area," said John Sion, senior project manager for the Medical University of South Carolina.

That's why he pays attention to the weather radar as Hurricane Irma churns in the Atlantic Ocean. Sion is in charge of making sure two tower cranes at the corner of Courtenay Drive and Calhoun Street are secured before the storm moves in.

"We feel comfortable they're safe and sound. We'll go through our checklist and all of our procedures. Make sure we follow them to a tee,” explained Sion. “We'll consult with the crane manufacturer as we begin those to make sure we're doing everything right."

Nearly 400 workers are wrapping up their duties. As tools and materials are moved to a warehouse in North Charleston. Two tower cranes 200-feet tall will be secured. But project managers say they'll rotate to prevent from toppling.

"Essentially its perfectly normal and its expected that they'll move in an event like this. So if you do see the tower crane turning in one position or another it’s simply going in the direction of the wind. Which is actually exactly what we want to happen," Sion said.

A project of preparedness through the palmetto trees on the peninsula.

"Everybody of course stay safe," Sion added.

Work delays are included in the construction plans. Supervisors won't know when to resume this project until the storm passes and the site is inspected.

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