Eclipse 2017: The countdown to totality is on!

Eclipse 2017: The countdown to totality is on!

The Great American Eclipse is on Monday, August 21st, in case you have somehow missed all the recent buzz. Although that might only be possible if you have recently been living in a cave...ha! On a serious note though, there are some things you definitely need to know.

1. This is an event of epic proportions. The last total eclipse that stretched from one end of the country to the other was 99 years ago. The last time a total eclipse was visible here in Charleston was 47 years ago.

2. Make sure you have your times correct, because totality won’t last long. This is a chart I made to include most of the outlying areas within the path of totality. There will be other spots in between too, but I tried to include the spots farthest to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west within the Lowcountry.

3. Get to your viewing spot early! You don’t want to be on the road and miss it. You aren’t allowed to pull over on the interstate. Traffic is expected to be a mess, so I can’t stress enough to get to your spot early.

4. If you lie in the path of totality, you might want to consider staying home. We will be broadcasting from 12pm to 3pm right here on ABC News 4 from the USS Yorktown. We will have reporters in various spots and will take live looks at the eclipse from other parts of the country. It will be the safest and most relaxing way to watch.

5. Protect your eyes! Make sure you have the correct protective eyewear, which does not include sunglasses.

This is a list of reputable companies that make safe glasses:

- If you are not within the path of totality, you must ALWAYS wear your solar eclipse glasses.

- If you are within the path of totality, ONLY remove the glasses when the moon completely covers the sun’s bright face and it suddenly gets dark.

- Make sure kids keep their glasses on! (As a mom, this is something I made sure of…I got kid sized glasses for Weatherly.)

- Don’t drive with them on…they are very dark and block out 99% of the sunlight!

6. Don’t get so caught up in photographing or recording it that you miss it! Enjoy it…for some, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime event!

7. Lastly, pack your patience…I have a feeling it’s going to be a very awesome, but hectic day!

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