February 2018 was the warmest in Charleston history

Warmest February Ever (WCIV).jpg

It’s still officially winter, but lately it has felt more like spring. Flowers are starting to bloom and the pollen is already covering everything in sight.

The spring-like weather comes alongside the warmest February ever recorded in Charleston.

February 2017 was the previous record holder, with an average temperature of 59.4 degrees. For February 2018, the average temperature was 62.0 degrees.

To put that in perspective, that's more than 10 degrees higher than our average temperatures in February, which is 51.7 degrees.

Charleston had 8 days with high temperatures in the 80s, which is also the most ever in Charleston for February.

For comparison, going back to 1989, there were five days in the 80s that February. There were four 80-degree days in 1962.

Five of the the days where we reached 80-plus in February 2018 also were record highs, and they all came within a week of each other.

  • Feb. 20 – 82
  • Feb. 22 – 82
  • Feb. 23 – 82
  • Feb. 24 – 83
  • Feb. 25 – 86

We only had two days below average in February. On February 3, the high was 50, when the average was 61. On February 13, the high was 57, while the average 62.

March will bring some cooler temperatures back to the area, but with spring right around the corner, don’t expect them to last!

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