Remembering mom and learning invaluable life lessons


When I started this blog, I wanted to have the option to talk about more than weather. I have occasionally talked about my kids, but now I want to talk about my mom.

My mom lost her battle to uterine cancer on April 7.

The doctor had given us a timeline, but it was even shorter than what he thought.

It was still heartbreaking to lose my mom so quickly, but I am thankful that we had a general idea of what to expect.

My mom was a fighter. She was not a complainer. She brought joy to all in her path. She was always a ray of sunshine to me. She also had a servant’s heart, after all, she taught middle school art for 39 years.

Her sisters, mother, friends, former coworkers, and neighbors rallied around her. Everyone wanted to spend time with her, even on her bad days. It was never about her, but always about other people.

She was such a kind soul that we called her “Mother Teresa.”

I miss her dearly, more than words can explain. I miss calling her, but more than anything I miss watching her with my kids.

As heartbroken as I am, I’m counting my blessings where I can.

I’m thankful to all those who helped my mom during her fight with cancer. I’m thankful for those that have supported my family, especially my brother and I during this difficult time.

I’m thankful for the chance to have had my mom in my life for 36 years and that she got the chance to meet both of my children.

What have I learned from this?

Life is short and you should never take anything for granted.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion because sometimes you just need a good cry.

When God gives you the nudge to do something, do it. For me, I got nudges when I needed to spend even more time with my mom.

I will never regret that extra time I took with her.

Be thankful for the amazing people you have in your life. I am surrounded by so many.

“Do what mom would do,” for me means I try especially hard these days to make my mom proud.

I just want to keep my mother’s memory alive.

Rest in peace, mom.

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